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Tufts Support Services (TSS)

TSS offers a simple, efficient way for Tufts faculty, staff and student employees to complete many administrative human resources and finance tasks.

Change Collaborative for Research Administration

Excellent research support in attracting external funding and complying with pre- and post-award requirements.

IT Integration

Today’s work and sophisticated technologies demand greater orchestration of IT resources and services.

Strategic Sourcing

By improving purchasing practices, we can spend less money while remaining responsive to equipment and services needs.

The Budget Center

A consistent, university-wide approach to budgeting will better inform decision makers in the schools and central divisions.

Advancement Effectiveness

Allow fundraisers to deepen their relationships with prospective donors instead of tending to administrative tasks.

TEAM Overview

TEAM's goal is to reduce the collective effort we currently commit to common and shareable administrative work. This is a critical step toward ensuring a sustainable balance between Tufts' aspirations and its resources. Read more...

TEAM Updates