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Tufts Support Services (TSS)

Provide a simple, service-oriented approach to conducting many of the administrative human resource and finance tasks that were previously carried out by many different groups across the university.

IT Integration

Align IT services with the needs of the Tufts community. Support academic and administrative needs by improving processes and introducing technologies that facilitate ubiquitous access, any time support, responsive service and productive partnerships.

Strategic Sourcing

Introduce rigorous procurement standards, maximize Tufts’ purchasing power and secure the best pricing. Spend less money yet remain responsive to the need for equipment and services.

The Budget Center

Work directly with schools and central units to facilitate a uniform, strategic and transparent budgeting process across Tufts.

Communications and Marketing Effectiveness

Address increased pressure on the university to generate revenue with communications and marketing efforts that inspire action that will benefit Tufts.

TEAM Overview

TEAM's goal was to reduce the collective effort spent on common and shareable administrative work. This was a critical step toward ensuring a sustainable balance between Tufts' aspirations and its resources.

TEAM Wrap Up

In three and a half years of careful assessment, planning and implementation, Tufts established several new structures and systems that will support administrative process improvements for decades to come.